Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Royal Wedding Countdown:
The intellectual post

Thomas Jefferson once declared that he could not live without books.  And considering the countless numbers of books about how to plan a wedding, attend a wedding, crash a wedding, and make your own knitted effigies of a royal wedding, weddings can't survive without books either.  We need a guidebook people.  And let's keep it simple, shall we?

(source here and here)

Over 60 celebration stickers!  Something to help keep you awake at 3am when the ceremony starts.  Well, 3am if you're in the U.S.  Yes, I realize many of you are in the UK.  Lucky you.  Stop gloating.  You don't want to turn pink like Little Miss Princess.  The show-off.  I bet that's not even a real invitation.  Who labels their invites like that anyway?

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